What are the advantages of EDM?


  • No part deformation due to heavy clamping and cutting forces required by conventional machining
  • No burrs
  • Critical features can be machined after heat treatment to reduce movement during processing
  • Very little heat is generated, therefore the overall accuracy is enhanced.
  • Very small physical features such as internal corner's (.004 radius) can easily be produced.

What Materials can be machined using EDM?


 All materials that can conduct electricity are a candidate for EDM.
Inconel, Mild Steels, Stainless Steel, Tool Steels (Fully Hardened), Super Alloys, Tungsten Carbide, Monel, Rhenium, Silicon Carbide, Tantalum, Aluminum, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings / Forgings 

Can you manufacture the whole part?


Our CNC Milling and Turning capabilities allow us to manufacture parts complete from print to production.

What are your maximum work piece dimensons?


 Wire Machines

4400 Lbs.
27.5 ” x 15.75” x 16” (work piece dimensions)
30 Deg. of taper @ 15.75 thk. (Up to 45 deg. in some applications) 

Plunge Machines

Small Hole

.015" to .157 thru 9"

How does it Work?


 EDM is a manufacturing process by which an electrical spark is discharged near the surface of a (electrically conductive) work piece. 

The result of the above process causes the work piece parent material to vaporize into small particulate matter. This small particulate matter is then swept away by a water or oil flush.   

Do You have a Quality System?


We are ISO 9000 Compliant. Path Tech is very serious about quality and continual improvement. We are currently updating our Quality System from ISO 9000:2008 to ISO 9000:2015. Our Quality Manual and procedures can be viewed on request.